Fifth Annual IMA/MFA Spring Show!

The Fifth Annual IMA/MFA Spring Show brings together a democracy of students, faculty and artistic responses under the auspice of a professionally curated show as developed in an Advanced Studio.

THEME: "If You See Something, Say Something"
DATES: May 1st-3rd, 2007
TIME: 6-9 PM
PLACE: BLACK BOX, Hunter North 543
695 Park Avenue
New York City
PURPOSE: Response to the Reaction before it is too late

Please visit this site as we update it on a continual basis.


Francisca Andres
Millie Burns
Suzanne Goldberg
Cortlan McManus
Robin Locke Monda
Jonas Pariente
Yoram Porath
Samara Smith
Vandana Sood
Ariana Souzis
James Wagstaff


Stuart Ewen